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CAT Pumps – Hampshire – 79kWp Solar and SolarEdge Inverter (Aug 23)

Client Name: CAT Pumps
Location: Fleet, Surrey
Project Date: August 2023


CAT Pumps, a leading manufacturer of high-pressure plunger pumps and industrial solutions, took a remarkable step towards sustainability and financial efficiency by implementing a cutting-edge solar installation. This case study showcases the successful deployment of an advanced solar system, featuring 206 Jinko 420W panels, SolarEdge Dual Optimisers, a SolarEdge 66kW 3-phase Synergy Inverter, and K2 Basic Rail mounting. Beyond reducing energy costs, this installation actively contributes clean energy back to the grid, marking CAT Pumps’ commitment to environmental responsibility and energy independence.
Project Overview

Client Objective: To harness solar power, reduce energy expenses, minimize carbon emissions, and actively contribute clean energy to the grid while setting an example for sustainable practices in the industrial sector.

System Specifications

Total Panels: 206 x Jinko 420W Panels
Panel Type: Monocrystalline
Mounting System: K2 Basic Rail Mounting
Optimisers: SolarEdge Dual Optimisers
Inverter Type: SolarEdge 66kW 3-phase Synergy Inverter
Grid Interaction: Excess production sold back to the grid.


  1. Cutting-Edge Components: The project utilised 206 Jinko 420W panels, known for their efficiency and reliability. These were paired with SolarEdge Dual Optimisers, a SolarEdge 66kW 3-phase Synergy Inverter, and K2 Basic Rail mounting, ensuring advanced energy generation and management.
  2. Customized Design: A bespoke layout was devised to maximize rooftop space utilization while harmonizing with the facility’s architectural aesthetics.
  3. Grid Interaction Solution:To facilitate the sale of excess energy back to the grid, a grid-tied system was implemented, enabling CAT Pumps to contribute clean energy to the community while benefiting financially.

Installation Process

  1. Site Assessment: A comprehensive site assessment was conducted to determine optimal panel orientation and placement, along with the integration of the grid-tied system.
  2. Panel Installation: The 206 Jinko solar panels were securely installed on the rooftop using K2 Basic Rail mounting, with meticulous attention to structural integrity.
  3. Optimiser and Inverter Integration: SolarEdge Dual Optimisers and the SolarEdge 66kW 3-phase Synergy Inverter were seamlessly integrated into the system, facilitating efficient energy conversion and management.
  4. Commissioning:Rigorous testing and programming of the system ensured reliable energy production, with real-time monitoring capabilities, and validation of excess energy exported to the grid.


Energy Production: The 206-panel solar system generates an average of 89,460 kWh annually, significantly reducing CAT Pumps’ reliance on conventional energy sources.
Cost Savings: CAT Pumps now saves a considerable percentage of there annual electrical costs and creates additional revenue from excess energy sold back to the grid.
Environmental Impact: The installation reduces annual carbon emissions, solidifying CAT Pumps’ commitment to environmental stewardship.
Grid Contribution: CAT Pumps actively contributes clean energy to the grid, fostering a sustainable energy ecosystem within the community.


CAT Pumps’ adoption of advanced solar technology, combined with a grid-tied system, signifies a significant leap towards sustainability, financial prudence, and environmental responsibility. This installation not only lowers energy costs but also positions the company as a leader in sustainable industrial practices. It serves as an inspiring example for businesses seeking to reduce their carbon footprint, lower operational expenses, and actively contribute to a greener, grid-integrated energy landscape.

Google Rating
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Google Rating
Based on 51 reviews