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Epsom Playhouse – Surrey – 38kWp PV, SolarEdge inverter, 2 x Tesla Powerwalls and SolaSkirt (Sep 23)

Client Name: Epsom Playhouse
Location: Epsom, Surrey, United Kingdom
Project Date: August/September 2023


Epsom Playhouse, a cultural hub known for its vibrant performances, took a progressive step towards sustainability, energy efficiency, and energy resilience by embarking on a solar installation project. This case study showcases the successful deployment of a solar system, featuring 90 Jinko 430W all-black panels, SolarEdge P950 optimisers, and a SolarEdge SE-33k inverter. The project involved the installation of five arrays, including four pitched roof arrays on K2 mounting and one flat roof installation on Van Der Valk Pro mounting. Additionally, pigeon-proofing using our SolaSkirt was applied to the pitched arrays to keep out the pigeons and also to provide a sleek finish to the system. Two Tesla Powerwalls were also installed to store any surplus energy for later consumption and to allow for off-peak charging.
Project Overview

Client Objective: To harness solar power, reduce energy costs, and contribute to environmental conservation while accommodating complex roof structures and enhancing energy resilience for uninterrupted operations.

System Specifications

Total Panels: 90 x Jinko 430W All-Black Panels (38.7kWp)
Panel Type: Monocrystalline
Optimisers: SolarEdge P950 Optimisers
Inverter Type: SolarEdge SE-33k Inverter
Mounting System: Four Pitched Roof Arrays on K2 Mounting, One Flat Roof Installation on Van Der Valk Pro Mounting
Pigeon-Proofing: SolaSkirt
Energy Storage: 2 Tesla Powerwalls


  1. Complex Roof Structures: Accommodating multiple roof structures, including pitched and flat roofs, required careful planning and integration.


  1. High-Performance Components: The project utilized 90 Jinko 430W all-black panels, known for their efficiency and aesthetics, SolarEdge P950 dual optimisers and a SolarEdge SE-33k inverter ensured advanced energy generation and management, while Tesla Powerwalls enhanced energy storage.
  2. Complex Roof Integration: The solar arrays were strategically placed to accommodate the complex roof structures, including four pitched roof arrays on K2 mounting and one flat roof installation on Van Der Valk Pro mounting.
  3. Pigeon-Proofing: To mitigate pigeon infestation and protect the solar investment, our SolaSkirt pigeon-proofing was applied to the pitched arrays.

Installation Process

  1. Solar Panel Integration: The 90 Jinko all-black panels were securely integrated into the five arrays, all fitted with SolarEdge P950 dual optimisers, with careful attention to structural integrity and weatherproofing.
  2. Mounting and Roof Integration: The arrays were installed on the pitched and flat roofs, ensuring precision placement and aesthetic appeal.
  3. Pigeon-Proofing Application: SolaSkirt pigeon-proofing was applied to the pitched arrays, safeguarding the solar panels from pigeon nesting and damage.
  4. Setup: The SolarEdge SE-33k inverter was seamlessly integrated into the system to facilitate efficient energy conversion and management.
  5. Energy Storage Installation: Two Tesla Powerwalls were integrated, providing 27kWh of energy storage.
  6. Commissioning: Rigorous testing of the system ensured reliable energy production, storage, and real-time monitoring capabilities.


Energy Production: This 90-panel solar system generates an average of 34000kW annually, significantly reducing Epsom Playhouse’s reliance on conventional energy sources.
Cost Savings: Epsom Playhouse now saves an estimated £13,000 per year on electricity expenses when taking into account potential export income, ensuring a rapid return on investment.
Pigeon Protection: The SolaSkirt pigeon-proofing system effectively safeguards the solar panels, preventing pigeon nesting and damage, and provides a sleek finish to the solar system.


Epsom Playhouse’s adoption of advanced solar technology, Tesla Powerwalls, and innovative pigeon-proofing solutions signifies a significant stride towards sustainability, energy efficiency, and energy resilience. This installation not only lowers energy costs but also enhances the playhouse’s commitment to environmental conservation and uninterrupted operations. It serves as an inspiring example for cultural institutions seeking to reduce their carbon footprint, lower operational expenses, and champion sustainable and resilient practices.

Google Rating
Based on 470 reviews