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Harmonizing Sustainability: GSE In-Roof Solar Installation

Client Name: Private Client
Location: Ashtead, Surrey, United Kingdom
Project Date: June 2023

Introduction A private client in Ashtead, Surrey, embarked on a remarkable journey towards sustainability, energy independence, and modernization through an extensive solar installation project. This case study highlights the successful implementation of a large-scale solar system, featuring 128 JA Solar 385W panels installed using GSE, a 40kW Solis inverter, and two Tesla Powerwalls wired for backup. Additionally, the project involved a comprehensive roof renovation of the pool house, including the installation of six Velux windows. This project underscores the client’s commitment to clean energy, energy resilience, and property enhancement.

Project Overview

Client Objective: To harness solar power, reduce energy expenses, enhance energy resilience, and revitalize the pool house, while setting an example for sustainable practices in residential living.

System Specifications

Total Panels: 128 x JA Solar 385W Panels
Panel Type: Monocrystalline
Mounting System: GSE In Roof
Inverter Type: Solis 40kW Inverter
Energy Storage: 2 Tesla Powerwalls (wired for backup)
Roof Renovation: Shingle replacement on the pool house with the installation of 6 Velux windows.


  1. Comprehensive Renovation: Executing an extensive roof renovation on the pool house, including Velux window installation, alongside the solar project.
  2. Energy Backup: Ensuring seamless energy backup capability for critical loads during power outages.

Installation Process

  1. Solar Panel Installation: The 128 JA Solar panels were meticulously integrated into the GSE in-roof mounting system, ensuring a seamless and aesthetically pleasing appearance while optimizing energy generation.
  2. Roof Renovation: The pool house underwent a comprehensive roof renovation, including the installation of six Velux windows, enhancing the property’s aesthetics and natural lighting.
  3. Inverter and Energy Storage Setup: The 40kW Solis inverter and two Tesla Powerwalls were seamlessly integrated into the system to facilitate efficient energy conversion, storage, and backup capability.
  4. Wiring and Connectivity: Rigorous testing of the solar system and energy backup solution ensured reliable energy production, storage, and seamless transition during power outages.


Energy Production: The 128-panel solar system generates an average 40,000kW annually, significantly reducing the client’s reliance on conventional energy sources.
Cost Savings: The client now saves an estimated £1200 per year on electricity expenses, (when taking in to account his export income) ensuring a rapid return on investment.
Energy Resilience: The integration of two Tesla Powerwalls provides energy resilience, allowing the client to power essential loads during power outages.
Enhanced Property Value: The pool house’s roof renovation, including the installation of Velux windows, not only enhances aesthetics but also increases the property’s value.


This extensive solar installation project in Ashtead exemplifies the client’s commitment to sustainability, energy independence, and property enhancement. By adopting advanced solar technology, Tesla Powerwalls for energy backup, and undertaking a comprehensive roof renovation, the client has not only lowered energy costs but also transformed their property into an eco-friendly and modernized haven.
This project serves as an inspiring example for homeowners seeking to reduce their carbon footprint, lower operational expenses, and enhance their property’s value through sustainable and innovative solutions.



Google Rating
Based on 479 reviews