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Three Counties – Berkshire – 319kWp Solar with 4 x Solis 3ph Inverters (Oct 2023)

Client Name: Three Counties Farm

Location: Marlborough

Project Date: September 2023


Three Counties Farm, a prominent agricultural enterprise in Marlborough, undertook a significant solar installation initiative with the objective of lowering operational costs, generating income through Power Purchase Agreements (PPA), and contributing to environmental sustainability.


Project Overview

The solar installation involved 760 panels installed as four separate systems across different buildings with a total capacity of 319.2kWp.

The installations were strategically distributed as follows:


Building 1:

Panels: 132x Trina TSM420DE09R panels

Capacity: 55.44 kWp

Inverter: 1x Solis S5-GC50K

Building 3:

Panels: 112x Trina TSM420DE09R panels

Capacity: 47.04 kWp

Inverter: 1x Solis S5-GC40K

Tractor Shed:

Panels: 372x Trina TSM420DE09R panels

Capacity: 156.24 kWp

Inverters: 2 x Solis S5-GC60K


Panels: 144x Trina TSM420DE09R panels

Capacity: 60.48 kWp

Inverter: Solis S5-GC50K

All arrays were installed on K2 mounting, cross-railed to provide a sturdy and secure foundation. Additionally, each array was fitted with SolaMesh to prevent nesting birds and debris.

Solar-Log monitoring was fitted to each system enabling comprehensive data tracking of both energy generation and site consumption.


Objectives Achieved

Cost Reduction: The solar installation successfully contributed to a substantial reduction in operational costs by harnessing clean and renewable energy to power farm operations.

Income Generation via PPA: Three Counties Farm capitalized on the opportunity to generate income through Power Purchase Agreements, selling excess electricity to the grid.

Carbon Footprint Reduction: The project significantly decreased the farm’s carbon footprint, aligning with the farm’s commitment to environmental sustainability.

Google Rating
Based on 457 reviews