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Optimizing Solar Potential: A Multi-Roof Installation

Client Name: Private Individual
Location: Tatsfield, Kent
Property Type: Residential
Roof Types: 3x slate pitched rooves, 1x flat roof
Energy Goals: Reduce electricity bills and environmental impactProject OverviewThe solar installation is located on a residential property in a suburban area. The property has three distinct pitched roof sections and one flat roof.


  1. Diverse roof types and elevations
  2. Aesthetic considerations for a visually appealing installation.
  3. Meeting the desired energy production goals.


Solar Panel Selection:

18x JA Solar 420W panels: These high-efficiency solar panels will be installed on the three pitched roofs – Total capacity of 7.56 kW.

3x JA Solar 385W panels: These panels will be collected from the office and installed on one of the pitched roofs – Total capacity of 1.155 kW.

SolarEdge Components:

21x SolarEdge S500 Optimizers: These optimizers will be used to maximize the energy output of each individual panel, ensuring the system performs optimally.

1x SolarEdge SE-6000 Inverter: The SE-6000 inverter will convert the DC electricity generated by the panels into usable AC electricity for the home.

2x SolarEdge Battery Banks: These battery banks are designed to store excess energy generated by the solar panels, allowing the homeowner to use solar energy even when the sun is not shining.

Mounting System:
Renusol – Panels to the three pitched rooves were secured using the Renusol mounting system , Genius SolarFlash was installed to each roof hook to ensure the rooves weather tightness was not compromised by the solar installation.

Solion – For the flat roof, Solion ballasted mounting was utilized to ensure stability without penetrating the roof’s membrane.


SolaSkirt is a protective skirt that helps to both protect the solar arrays from nesting pigeons and improve the aesthetics of the solar installation. It conceals the wiring and gives the installation a clean and finished appearance.

Results and Benefits

Energy Production: The solar installation is expected to generate a significant amount of clean energy from the sun, reducing the homeowner’s reliance on grid electricity.
Energy Monitoring: The SolarEdge monitoring system allows the homeowner to track the system’s performance in real-time and optimize energy consumption.
Energy Storage: The two SolarEdge battery banks allow excess energy to be stored for use during the night or cloudy days, increasing the energy independence of the property.
Aesthetics: The inclusion of SolaSkirt helped maintain the visual appeal of the property by concealing the wiring and creating a clean and polished look for the solar installation.
Cost Savings: By harnessing solar energy and optimizing its use through SolarEdge technology, the homeowner can expect substantial savings on their electricity bills over the system’s lifetime.


In conclusion, this solar installation on four elevations successfully addressed the homeowner’s energy needs by utilizing a combination of solar panels, optimizers, inverters, and battery storage. The project showcases the flexibility of solar technology in adapting to various roof types and its potential to provide clean, sustainable energy while improving the aesthetics of the property.


Google Rating
Based on 457 reviews