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North West London – 15x Properties Totalling 14.6kWp with Solis Inverters


On this project located in Northwest London, we successfully implemented solar installations across 15 residential properties, helping the developer meet the Standard Assessment Procedure (SAP) requirement.

This installation involved a combination of Renusol Consol+ ballasted systems and GSE in-roof mounting systems, tailored to the unique roofing characteristics of each house.



The primary objective was to install three solar panels per property to achieve the SAP requirement of 0.9kW per property.

The developer specified the need for a flexible installation approach to accommodate different roof types and existing rooftop structures.


Installation Details

Properties: 15 Houses

Panels: 3no. JA Solar panels per property, totalling 45 panels

Mounting Systems:

  – 12 houses with flat roofs utilized Renusol Consol+ ballasted systems.

  – 3 houses with slate roofs used GSE in-roof mounting systems

Inverters: Each property was equipped with a Solis 0.7kW inverter.

Total Output: The installation achieved a cumulative output of 14.6kWp.



  1. Tight Schedule: The installation needed to be completed within a strict timeline, coordinated with ongoing construction activities.
  2. Roof Integrity: For the 12 houses with flat roofs, the solution required was non-penetrative to prevent leaks and preserve the integrity of the green roofing system.
  3. Varied Roofing Types: Accommodating different roofing types (flat with green roofs vs. slate roofs) required versatile mounting solutions.



Coordination: Close coordination with the builder and developer ensured safe and efficient access to the roofs, and internal access for cable runs around other trades, enabling the installation to proceed smoothly.

Renusol Consol+ Ballasted Systems: For the flat roofs, we utilized Renusol Consol+ ballasted systems, which are non-penetrative and adaptable to the rooftop environment, allowing for easy integration around existing structures.

GSE In-Roof Mounting Systems: For the slate roofs, GSE in-roof mounting systems provided a seamless and aesthetically pleasing solution that integrated well with the existing roofing material.



The solar installations were completed on time, with minimal disruption to the construction site. Each property now meets the relevant SAP requirement, providing the following benefits:

Energy Efficiency: The installation supports the developer’s commitment to sustainability and energy efficiency, ensuring each property benefits from renewable energy.

Compliance: The project successfully met all requirements, crucial for regulatory compliance and future resale value.

Enhanced Property Value: The addition of solar panels enhances the overall value of the properties, making them more attractive to eco-conscious buyers.




Google Rating
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Google Rating
Based on 51 reviews