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The Kings Centre – Surrey – 40.32kWp, Solis & SolaSkirt (Jan 24)

Client Name: The Kings Centre
Location: Chessington
Project Date: January 2024

The Kings Centre, located in Chessington, is a prominent facility known for hosting events, conferences, and community gatherings. As part of their commitment to sustainability and cost savings, The Kings Centre decided to invest in solar energy solutions to reduce their carbon footprint and lower their energy expenses.

Technical Specifications

Solar Panels: 96x JA Solar 420w panels (40.32kWp)
Mounting System: K2 Solid Rail
Inverter: Solis S5-GC36K-DC (36kW)
Additional Features: SolaSkirt for bird proofing & improved aesthetics.

Estimated Energy Generation:
The solar installation at the Kings Centre is anticipated to generate approximately 38,586 kWh of electricity per year. This significant renewable energy output contributes not only to reducing the carbon footprint of the facility but also to substantial savings on their energy bills.

Financial Impact:
The estimated annual energy cost savings for the Kings Centre are projected to be circa £14,500. This represents a substantial return on investment over the operational life of the solar installation. The financial benefits not only make the facility more sustainable but also contribute to the long-term economic viability of the Kings Centre.

Environmental Impact:
By harnessing solar energy, the Kings Centre is actively reducing its reliance on conventional energy sources, thereby decreasing its carbon footprint. The environmental impact includes a reduction in greenhouse gas emissions and a positive contribution to the local community’s sustainability goals.

The Kings Centre’s decision to invest in solar energy reflects their commitment to sustainability and financial prudence. The installed system not only provides substantial energy savings but also aligns with the facility’s dedication to environmental responsibility. This case study serves as an example of how solar installations can be a viable and beneficial solution for businesses seeking both economic and ecological advantages.



Google Rating
Based on 457 reviews