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Solar Battery Storage For Smarter Use

How solar battery storage works?

Battery storage options have improved dramatically in 2021, with better products and lower prices, which makes investing in battery the sensible choice. Battery storage enables you to store excess solar and also charge from lower off-peak rates, reducing your electricity bills.

Power Price Are Rising

If set up with off-peak charging, a battery will charge up overnight at cheap rate power, then this power will be used in the morning before the sun rises, then during the middle of the day when your panels are producing more power than you are using it will store this excess again, charging back up so that this power can then be used in the evening.

Why install batteries with Titan Eco?

We adopt the same mentality as we do for SolaSkirt, provide a premium service to our customers and ongoing support. If you install a battery with us we are not only looking to ensure the price is competitive, but also fit one that suits your needs and budget. We will even help you monitor it going forwards.

Its not just us being selfless, if you have a good experience you are more likely to give us a good review and pass us onto your friends and neighbours who also may be interested (with a referral fee to help encourage you to spread the good word)

Use more of your solar energy

Solar panels are great at producing energy, but its most often produced during the middle of the day when there is lower consumption, which means that there is a surplus of power.  A solar battery stores the excess generated solar electricity so that it can be used anytime, day or night, meaning you get greater consumption of your generated energy.

Off Peak Charging

Solar batteries can also be configured to charge overnight when there are cheaper rates available (for example Octopus Go allows you to charge at 7.5p between 00.30 and 4.30am), which is a great way of getting lower energy costs all year round.

Be more self sufficient

By generating and storing your own power you can take back control of your energy.  We have customers with solar and storage who can almost reduce their cost of energy to zero for a large proportion of the year.  It also means you are less vulnerable to the fluctuating energy prices.

Back up power

Additionally batteries will allow you to backup your whole home, or a few circuits, meaning the lights stay on when there is a power cut.

Batteries that we currently install

We have had experience in installing a large number of different battery systems.

Our Preferred Batteries at Present are :

Tesla Powerwall

Powerwall is a battery that stores energy, detects outages and automatically becomes your home's energy source when the grid goes down. Unlike generators, Powerwall keeps your lights on and phones charged without upkeep, fuel or noise.Pair with solar and recharge with sunlight to keep your appliances running for days.

SolarEdge Battery Bank

The battery bank fits to any new SolarEdge inverter, storing excess solar generated by your solar panels for use later in the day rather than export it back, maximising the consumption of your generated energy. It also allows off-peak charging, where it can be charged overnight on cheap electricity, and used during the day. Great during the winter when the solar is producing less power.

Giv Energy

This UK company makes a great range of AC and hybrid inverters (hybrid inverters work for the solar PV and the battery system) with a great range of 2.6kWh, 5.2kWh and 8.2kWh batteries, and as up to 5 can be installed on any inverter its easy to find the right size battery for your needs or add a battery in the future if you want to increase the size of the system. We are a Giv Energy approved installer.

Huawei Luna

The Huawei Luna Smart String Battery offers a modular solution tailored to your needs. With 5 kWh, 10 kWh,or 15 kWh and the ability to expand later, the Luna battery is ideal for responding to changing needs. In combination with the optional PV Optimizer, you get a powerful system with high efficiency. Flexible architecture for optimal expandability as well as a power module for independent charging and discharging per battery module supports new and old battery modules in one system without limiting the usable energy.

When were your panels installed?

To get a better idea of your returns depends on whether you are receiving the Feed-in Tariff (2010 – 2016) or are receiving an export tariff (Smart Export Guarantee – 2016 onwards).

Systems with a Feed-in Tariff (2010 – 2016) –

If you are receiving the Feed-in Tariff, then you are getting paid for 50% deemed export, regardless of whether you use 100% or export 100%. So by storing that excess and using it in the evening you are then using all of your generated solar power and still being paid for your 50% deemed export.

Systems without a Feed-in Tariff (2016 ) –

If your system was installed after April 2016 then you probably don’t have a Feed-in Tariff, but may be getting paid 3 – 5p per kWh to export your power under the SEG (Smart Export Guarantee). By storing it and using it later in the day that means that you are saving around 25p (based on 30p per kWh) by using your generated solar power rather than export it at 5.5p and buy it back in at 30p.

For more information please see the Energy Savings Trust website


I already have solar panels, how will it affect me?

If you already have solar installing a battery will not impact your Feed-in Tariff income or the export tariff that you receive. If you fit an AC system it is completely separate to your Solar PV system and will not impact in any way.

Google Rating
Based on 479 reviews